Hey! I'm Yvette, the proud owner of Fussy Vintage. I'm all about sourcing weird, unique, and downright unordinary vintage pieces from the past. Trends aren't for me,  I believe in wearing whatever makes me feel good, no matter how unconventional, and that's the vibe I want you to feel when you shop at Fussy!

My goal is to provide a beautifully curated space and selection of unique, fun clothing that caters to all budgets and all sizes, making secondhand shopping easy, accessible and enjoyable while reducing mass-produced clothes being made today.

Step into the converted train carriage shop, packed to the brim with one-of-a-kind vintage treasures. From clothing to homeware, jewelry to accessories, it's a vibrant mix inspired by the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00's (2000 WAS 24 years ago! EEEK!) I handpick each piece, ensuring only the best finds make it to the racks. At Fussy Vintage, I pride the shop on promoting individuality in a sustainably stylish way, offering something for every budget and advocating for a slower, more mindful approach to shopping! 

About me, Yvette! 

I've always loved finding 'unwanted' clothes, to me they are full of character and charm. My journey with vintage began in my hometown of Llanishen, where I'd often pop into the village charity shop after school searching for hidden treasures. Throughout college, I developed a love for buying and selling vintage on eBay and when Depop popped off during my uni days, I'd blow all my profits on PARTYING !

I then found myself living it up in Barcelona for a few years working for Cadbury (yes the chocolate) it was a delicious affair. The euro style? Loved it. People wearing whatever they wanted.  1 euro markets? Absolute heaven. But my Spanish.. Let's just say it wasn't shop-owner level..

 So back to Cardiff, diving into a mishmash of random jobs. Then 'WAKIKI WEAR' was born - my first online shop, flogging funky lil tropical vintage swimwear pieces worldwide via Instagram...

Between market stalls and shit jobs, I had this BRIGHT idea to try my hand at recruitment, because when you've no idea what you wanna do, why not help others decide?! COVID hit and they gave me the boot. So, what's a girl to do? Open a shop OF COURSE!

In 2021, the perfect chance presented itself at the swanky new Goodsheds, and I threw myself into the endeavor wholeheartedly. And just like that, my sexy train carriage shop came to life, jam-packed with vintage charm and character. Fast forward to 2024, and I'm still here! Even expanded into a bigger unit!

If you've read this far, you're clearly curious, so why not swing by? You might just stumble upon some mad vintage treasures amidst the rummage of the Fussy racks. See you there! 🚂✨